Calgary Weekend Markets

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Booking Request Form and Contract 
Single Table Bookings (per location)                                     $ 65.00 ea.
Multiple Bookings                                                                  $ 60.00 ea.
Special Events (Night Markets, Extravaganzas...)                 $ TBD

Price includes: 1 table and two chairs.  Please refer to your contract for rules and guidelines of each market.  Once you are committed to a market, it is the vendor's responsibility to attend.  In the event of sickness, it is expected that you will find a replacement for your space and must be the same product or service.  If you are unable to do so, you must contact us prior to the market set up.  Absences of two or more locations, may result in a cancellation of the contract without refund. In order to book your locations, please send an email with your requested dates and a signed copy of the contract available below.

Click the button above to download a .pdf copy of our Teams contract.  Use this form if you are taking space for several markets, but different members of your downline will be attending each market.  It is your responsibility to provide the name and contact information for each of your team members to the market in order for them to receive their advertising on the market pages and facebook page.    If for any reason, your team member does not attend, it is your responsibility to replace that team member, or the market reserves the right to bring in someone from the same company from another team.  Please email your completed booking contract request to [email protected]

Click the button above to download a .pdf copy of our individual contract.  Use this form to request one or all markets.  It is your responsibility to advise the market with no less than 24 hours notice, if you are unable to attend for any reason.  It is your perogative to have someone else represent you at the market as long as it is for the same product and company.  Alternates, (company, vendor or product) must be approved by the market management in advance.  Failure to attend a market results will result in no refund or alternate date.  Exceptions may apply at the discretion of market management.  Please email your completed booking contract request to [email protected]

If you are interested in our Special Event Market happening Feb 13, please click on the contract below for the agreement for that show only!

Want to be a Vendor?

Complete the Market Contract and send your payment to our address on the contact us page.  Once you are an approved vendor...

Please provide us with a short description of your product, service or company.  (Approx 50 words)  in addition, please provide us the contact information for your business, phone, email and if you have a website, a web address.  We will then add you to the dates that you have chosen and link your personal website with your Calgary Weekend Market advertisement.

All Advertising materials must be sent to [email protected] in order to be put onto the website in a timely manner.